About My Students

Through the years, my students have ranged from age 10 to 62. They have diverse careers from students to business owners, from players who play in church on Sunday to those playing in arena rock shows. They have been selected to All State Jazz Band, received Music Scholarships to college and have played with some of the top names in the music business (and some just have a great deal of fun)



Mike has dedicated the past 25 years to expanding the role of the bass and educating a legion of bassists to the possibilities that lie within. Mike began playing solo bass, as  a student at the Berklee College of Music,  in 1979. The arrangement that started it all was “Misty”. Mike then spent the next 10 years hidden away in a cave in Vermont (it was actually a rather nice house) working on the techniques and arrangements that would, later become “The Chordal Approach” and lead to his recurring solo bass lesson columns in Bass Frontiers, Bassics, Bass Guitar and other magazines. Mike was also one of the original “Ask The Pros” on Talkbass.com as well as a contributor to Bass Player Magazine, Global Bass Magazine, Bass Player Magazine and on internet sites such as For Bass Players Only, No Treble and The International Institute of Bass. He has conducted workshops and master classes from Los Angeles to Istanbul and has been featured at some of the most prestigious bass events such as Gerald Veasley’s Bass BootCamp, The Anaheim Bass Bash, BassQuake 2003, The Detroit Bass Festival, The Bass Collective and more.  Mike’s lessons have been featured in Bass Player Magazine, Bassics Magazine, Global Bass Magazine, Bass Guitar Magazine as well on internet sites such as Talkbass, For Bass Players Only, No Treble and The International Institute of Bass.



Michael Dimin literally wrote the book on the art of the solo bassist. Through his groundbreaking books, “The Art of Solo Bass” (Mel Bay) and “The Chordal Approach” and his work as a lesson columnist for Bass Guitar Magazine (UK), Bassics, Bass Frontiers Magazines and as a guest columnist for Bass Player Magazine, Mike has brought the concept of solo bass to the forefront.


Mike’s newest book, “The CORE Method”, written especially for his private students, is now available to all players as a compendium to the video lessons presented here. It is a revolutionary new tool for learning the 4, 5 and 6 string electric bass. The CORE Method is both easy to learn and comprehensive. Since the CORE Method is a concept, it is not a series of exercises and etudes and, most certainly, not style specific. The CORE Method works for ALL styles of music, whatever your taste may be.

Talkbass.com columnist, Max Valentino said of Mike,“Above it all he is a supreme musician, with a singular, unique voice on his instrument.” Mike has taken his revolutionary approach, unparalleled technique and mastery of the instrument and combined it with a sense of musicianship, lyricism and beauty that transcends the site of a solo bassist on stage.
Cliff Engel of basically.net states that, “Michael Dimin has elevated the standards in the field of bass artistry. Look out!” Greg Haymes of the Albany Times Union states, “Dimin is in full command of an instrument that gets the spotlight all too rarely.”
“Excellent material and very easy to follow along. Opens up an understanding of the fretboard that either isn’t shown elsewhere, or is explained in a more confusing manner… very player-friendly, and lead you to further improvisational exploration. Would, and have, recommended this book and program to a number of musician friends!” – Ron Gerlach
“Very easy to comprehend and applicable to any style of music. I like to use it as an alternative when searching for notes and or ideas.” Eugene Rice