Getting Started


There are 9 Sections of The CORE Method, each individually priced for you to take full advantage of the customization of your learning experience. You can choose only the Modules that you want. Once you purchase a lessons, you have lifetime access to that lesson even if more videos are added, to that lesson, at later dates.Please note that some lessons are still in production. The entire method will be complete by September of 2018


$99.00 ($200.00 value)
The CORE Method Complete includes The CORE Method: Fretboard Mastery, the 8 modules as described below, a copy of the original book that the videos are based upon (free shipping) and a free Soundslice account. There are currently 28 videos with many more to come!

THE CORE METHOD – Fretboard Mastery

$30.00 (22 videos, 86 minutes)
This is the first step in developing mastery of the 4, 5 and 6 string bass. This series of lessons will provide you with the tools to become fluid and fluent over the entire fretboard. The Core Method breaks the entire fretboard down into 5 basic fingering patterns that are useful in any key, anywhere on the fretboard. Later, the Modules (available separately) will allow you to individualize and customize your learning experience to your needs and wants.

The CORE Method, MODULE: Key Determination

$10.00 (6 videos, 25 minutes)
This is the first of the Modules of The CORE Method. This Module focuses on keys and tonal centers. Knowing what key or tonal centers a piece of music is written is crucial to choosing the correct Scale Forms and location on the neck to play. If you’re unfamiliar with keys than I strongly advise you to check out this module. If you feel confident that you can figure out the key from one of the five methods listed below then, by all means, go ahead and skip this Module. In here you will find 6 Key Determination videos based on:
Key Signature
First, Last and V7 Chord
Dominant 7th Chord Revisited
Advanced Melodic Concepts
Functional Harmony

The CORE Method, MODULE: Building a Better Bass Line

$20.00 (14 videos, 60 minutes)
This is truly where The CORE Method differentiates itself from all other methods. This is where we really start to create new and innovative bass lines through the application of the Scale Forms in a musical context. This is the place where beginner and novice players can develop a strong foundation and experienced players can gain an entirely new perspective of the instrument

The CORE Method, MODULE: Moving Between Scale Forms

$15.00 (6 videos, 14 minutes)
By this point in your progression, you are familiar with the Scale Forms and have possibly been experimenting with the “Expansion by Limitation” exercises in the Building a Better Bass Line Module. There might be times, however, when you want to further expand the fretboard. In this Module, we’ll take a look at expanding your range by linking Scale Forms together



The CORE Method, MODULE: Playing in Multiple Tonal Centers (Keys)

$15.00 (5 videos, 24 minutes)

Many songs, especially Jazz tunes have multiple tonal centers or keys. The ability to create a bass line or a solo that sounds and feels seamless rather than compartmentalized into separate and distinct keys is a goal for all musicians. In this Module, Superimposing Scale Forms/Playing in Multiple Tonal Centers, we will investigate the seamless transition from one tonal center to another by superimposing two or more Scale Forms. We will investigate the strength in Common Tones and the uniqueness and individuality that those non-common tones provide.