Originally written for Michael’s private students, The CORE Method is a comprised of two parts. The Core is a simple and effective way to develop fluidity on the entire neck, in any key, in any position. The second part of The CORE Method are the Modules. These Modules cover the many musical applications of the CORE. It is this section that students can choose to direct their own learning outcomes. The Modules provide Fluency to the Fluidity gained in the first section


Where and When? 


Anytime of the day or night in the comfort of your home. The CORE Method is completely web based. Shot with multiple cameras and with the addition of  innovative Soundslice technology, the videos on these lessons are second to none. With new material being added weekly, there is a never ending supply of invaluable information that will help you realize your dreams, whether it’s playing arena shows, the local coffee house or jamming in the basement with good friends.



  Bands are looking for bass players whose ability to hold a groove is only matched by their innovation and creativity. For beginners looking for that foundation to grow or more advanced players looking to break out of that educational plateau (rut), The CORE Method is for you.


How can this be FREE?


How can I make this free? I see my online students exactly the same as I see my private students. As such, I have a responsibility to provide both excellent content as well as information about quality gear, retailers, and services. On the lesson pages you will find links to sponsors of The CORE Method. These sponsors are hand selected. They are companies that I have worked with, people that I know and products that I respect. I urge you to click through to these sponsors. Additionally, you can buy the compendium book to The CORE Method videos, my other books, CD’s, solo bass arrangements or sign up for private lessons in person or via Skype or Facetime