Solo Bass Arrangements

The following Solo Bass Arrangements are available in .pdf format. All arrangement costs $4.99 US. Performance/reference videos for many of these songs are available on my YouTube Channel. Please note: this is a trust system.  The links below will bring you to the products page in our store for that selection.  Downloads are in .pdf format.  Upon purchase you will be allowed 1 download of the selected materials. (note, some songs may have multiple files)  The download must be completed within 30 days of purchase. We appreciate your respect of an artist’s intellectual property and would like to thank you in advance for not reproducing these files for personal gain. Happy solo’ing!


The Art of Solo Bass is the culmination of over 30 years of work. From my first attempt at a chord-melody solo of Misty in 1979 to my cutting edge arrangement of Jaco’s “Three Views of a Secret”, I have been able to develop a chordal technique that is within reach of all players. “The Art of Solo Bass” is the follow up to the critically acclaimed The Chordal Approach. (Now Available as a .pdf).