The CORE Method

Bass Lessons by Michael Dimin

Welcome to the home of the most innovative and comprehensive on-line, video bass instruction site on the internet, The Core Method Bass Lessons. While there are many great methods out there and many great teachers, It’s rare that these two come together in a method that works for all bass players, at all levels, playing any style of music. The CORE Method is a revolutionary method designed for 4,5 and 6 string basses (and more). Because it is modular in nature, you get to direct your own learning. Learning that suits your needs and your interests. Best of all,The CORE Method is free!

The Core Method Bass Lessons

“I would suggest Mike Dimin’s CORE Method. It really is the most comprehensive approach to unlocking the fretboard I’ve ever heard of. He is a phenomenal teacher and his method has completely changed what I can do with the bass.” – Joe T.


“The CORE Method is for all bass players, beginner through advanced. While providing a solid foundation for the new player, the innovative concepts presented open up the instrument for intermediate and advanced players alike. Whatever style of music you play, The Core Method will help you become a more creative, innovative and, most importantly, in-demand player.”- Mike Dimin

“We’ll definitely have you back at a future BBC. You are an awesome educator!” – Gerald Veasley, Gerald Veasley’s Bass BootCamp, Joe Zawinul

How can I make this free?

see my online students exactly the same as I see my private students. As such, I have a responsibility to provide both excellent content as well as information about quality gear, retailers, and services. On the lesson pages you will find links to sponsors of The CORE Method. These sponsors are hand selected. They are companies that I have worked with, people that I know and products that I respect. I urge you to click through to these sponsors. Additionally, you can buy the compendium book to The CORE Method videos, my other books, CD’s, solo bass arrangements or sign up for private lessons in person or via Skype or Facetime